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Hi guys, we're Shawn and Hannah Brown, parents of two: Graylen (5) and Isaiah "Izzy" (2); and the photographers for HBB Photography. We met in youth group when I was 14 and Shawn was 11. True childhood sweethearts, we were each others first girlfriend/boyfriend and first kiss. We've been photographing families, weddings, events and artists for over 20 years in the beautiful Emerald Coast and throughout. Our clients are real people, not models, so we strive to make them feel as comfortable as possible to photograph them as they are and not some contrived idea of what they should be. Our style is artistic, yet natural and photo journalistic. We don't like to force any situation but instead wait and watch for those special moments to happen and direct our clients as needed so they feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera. We're flexible and strive to capture more than just a pretty photo. We try to capture true emotions and feelings that resonate in every shoot and event we get to photograph. When we're given total creative freedom, we can get a little crazy and out of the box and always love a good challenge, but capturing the reality of who our clients are in an artistic and real way is the most important thing we can do. 

Photo Credit: Eneka Stewart Photography

Tel: 850-368-5448


Hannah started shooting film photography when she was 15 years old when her mother gave her her film camera. She was hooked and went on to study photography at the University of Florida and the University of West Florida. She's been shooting weddings and portraits since she was 19 years old. She loves to travel and experience new cultures and try any kind of food. She loves leading worship at her home church and reading a good book whenever she gets a free moment to chill out.


Shawn is an amazing musician: guitar and drums. He's obsessed with vintage gear, guitar pedals, and vintage and custom guitars and has played drums since he was 11. He's a home brewer and loves scotch that smells like straight up fireplace. He's had sideburns since he was 15 and is hard to miss. He started assisting with weddings early on and eventually started shooting alongside Hannah. They love working together and bouncing ideas off of each other and often compete on who got the better lighting or facial expression. 

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